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Kristina is a native of the Florida and has always had a love for art, fashion, writing and photography. As a 10 year old, she was a writer for the St. Petersburg Times' XTeam, interviewing Nickelodeon stars, reviewing beauty treatments, and showing kids what the cool new trends in toys were. She appeared in Girls Life Magazine and had a published advice column by the age of 12. These skills lead her to study fine art and photography at Eckerd College, and then Journalism at UCLA. There she began developing her skills as an in-the-moment photographer. While in Los Angeles, she began working for production houses and studios, and fell in love with advertising and visual story telling.

She is the creator and owner of Visual Muse studios in Dunedin FL where she manages a team of talented photographers. She is currently working on a course for photographers and  speaks at photography conventions that educate all levels of aspiring and professional photographers. 

Kristina's love is her family and enjoying life with them, living on the water. Home is her playground where she enjoys boating, paddle boarding, fishing and sunset gazing with her husband and son.


Kristina is a graduate from UCLA with a focus in Visual Arts from Eckerd College. A student of Fine art, Journalism, and design. 

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